How to login to Siteground

1. How to Accept Collaboration Emails 2. Add Your Credentials 3. Going to your WordPress website as a collaborator. Click on Site Tools  What is Site Tools? Site Tools lets you manage your site on our platform. Every site you create has its own Site Tools, which allows you to: Install and remove applications Create […]

Introducing Zoho Assist’s Self-Service Portal

Introducing Zoho Assist’s Self-Service Portal: Remote Support at Your Customer’s Fingertips. Posted On October 26, 2021 By Visvesh 3 Mins Read The ever-expanding demand for remote support has encouraged companies to create a more user-friendly environment, where new updates and features are oriented to being just as accessible to customers as technicians. This has become even more important over the […]

Udemy’s Sudden Switcheroo Reveals A Dark Truth About The Creator Economy

Written By: Nick Wolny 5 min read Create an online course, put it on a marketplace like Udemy or Skillshare, let the tech platform do all the marketing, and ride off into the sunset with the passive income. That’s how this creator economy thing works… right?  Not exactly. Earlier this week, exclusive reporting came out from The Information […]